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Logo Designing is very important part for the marketing strategy of small business. It is usually the first thing that your customers see and it determines the perception of your company in the customer mind. Intelligent marketing solutions are the heart of everything we do: logo designing, website design, re-branding, e-commerce websites and business software development. At Logo Designing we are 100% committed to providing high quality and custom designed logos especially for start-up and small businesses.

Creative Logo Design Samples

We help many different size of companies from established market leaders to start-up businesses, we offer a series of exciting packages that combine a logo design with an either a website or with an e-commerce shop. All our creative logo designers are based in the Dubai and that mean you can contact with our designers by phone or by email. All logo designs that you see on our website are designed in Adobe Illustrator, not by using a logo generator or clip art.

Basic Logo Design

You are going to start your new business or you are re-branding you brand and you want to update your brand and add some new features in your brand?  You need a solid and memorable representation for your brand. As your business is large or small, in this current competition your brand needs standard logo designs that represents your brand efficiently and impress your customers at first look.  Like every brand or business your business also needs identification by your customers and competitors alike. Having a logo for your business gives your business a unique identification and we offer that at affordable price.

Logo Design Price

We offer flexible and affordable packages that suits for start up businesses and also for an older high level businesses. We have well considered packages for every range of customers that will suit your and your customer needs very well which you don't found anywhere else in the market. We understand that logo design pricing is primary concern for any company, and that's why we design all our design packages according to business needs. You can see our different design packages but this special package has been designed for very small budget marketing needs. We are dedicated to achieve high customer satisfaction rate and this is evident in the services we provide our customers with.

Best suited for those who are competitive and highly professionals in markets and looking for brand creation.

If your business is growing and wants to enter into the professional market then you must need a professional approach for it. At professional level you can't represent your business with any normal, showy looking logo with fancy look.  Your logo must be highly professional, engaging, simple and amazing to win customers in the market. If you are a businessperson who are looking forward to grow his business to the professional level with the international recognition and unique identity than you need a professional logo design that separate your business from all others and gives your brand a unique and real competitive image. Designing a professional logo is not everybody's cup of tea. If your brand is dealing in a very competitive market our professional designers follow a distinct format for your logo that stand out in the competitive market. Firstly we analyze the industry trends as well as the market trends and then design a unique logo which can outshine their competitors at an amazing affordable price.

Logo Designing Packages

Logo design Gold package is a special package that is designed for start-up and small businesses that include everything from high quality custom logo design options, full stationary design, free web hosting, domain names, email accounts, a logo "Beauty shot" and a full file format bundle.  You can also get five designers who are brainstorming on the design process of your logo. With this package you will get a number of tools and services for free that include Letterhead design, card design, Power point template, Fax template, domains, email accounts and much more.

Logo design unlimited package has been designed for start-up and existing small businesses who won't settle for anything but stunning. With the logo design unlimited package you can never be short of ideas because there is not only one or two designers but Eight designers who are brainstorming on the design process of your logo. All the designers are work with their full attention, care and high level of technology. Your feedback is valued throughout the process. Logo design unlimited package is for those who don't like restrictions but are working in a limited budget.

We are providing more than five logo design options with the logo design unlimited package, we offer everything that is needed to develop your brand identity for a fixed fee. You can finalize your logo design which you choose from the designs provided by our professional designers.

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